About Us

Our Company

Our company is dedicated to the manufacture of 100% handmade hats, offering the highest quality in each of our products.

Our service is to provide personalized hats to the size and design of each client.



Luisa Fernē is a designer and creator of the most exclusive designs you can find. Mexican and passionate about enjoying life.


What is the FERNĒ brand?

The FERNĒ brand communicates a lifestyle. It is a connection between my body, mind, loved ones and important places in my life.


How did you start FERNĒ?

I started studying communication, and life led me to graduate from the career of Textile Design and Fashion in Monterrey, that's when my interest in hats woke up, I honestly never had one of my own. It was until the 22 years that I started creating my own hat and another for my father Juan, that's how it all started.


What materials do you use for hats?

The materials that we use in FERNĒ are Wool, Extra Fine Wool, and Rabbit's Fur. All the materials are of the highest quality.


What is your greatest inspiration?

My family, my life, places I want to go, nature and letters.