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  • Can I make a Custom-Made Hat?
Of course, you can. This is how our brand came to life. We have a variety of accessories, details, and colors for you to choose and create a hat worthy of your personality. If you wish to create your own custom-made hat from scratch please contact us at or at +5218117216641.


  • How Long does it take to receive my hat?

If the item you wish to buy is on stock we can ship it right away. We have a lot of different shipping options for you to choose from. Please choose the one that best fits your needs.

If the item you wish to buy is not on stock we ask for a little bit of patience. Since our hats are 100% handcrafted, we need 2 weeks before we can ship your item right to your door. 


  • What is the Difference Between Materials?

The difference between materials is the smoothness of the hats fur. Our best quality is the Beaver felt since it has a great smoothness and it just takes your breath away. After the Beaver felt comes the Rabbit fur which is more hard than Beaver but always keeping the high-quality finished. Our third best quality material is the Wool which is meant for a basic hat. Although we recommend the Beaver, you can always choose the material that best fits your needs for any of the designs.


How do I know the perfect Hat Size for my head?

  • We have a perfect explanation of how to measure your head and get the right size for your hat. Please take a look at the following video: 

    Here's a Size Chart to help you find the best fit for your hat.



Do you have Another Question?

If the question you had is not answered in this page, please contact us at We will be happy to help you in any way!