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About Fernē

I am Luisa Ferne, high-end Millinery Designer.

About me

I am a 26 year old entrepreneur woman with a passion for luxury hat designing, looking to create the finest and most unique hats available. My passion for fashion design and Mexico´s folklore tradition lead me to feel very attracted to modern millinery designs. 

My vision is to promote Mexico´s creativity and artisan quality to the whole world through our art.

I started learning, studying and practicing handcrafted millinery before I became a profesional hat maker. Since then, the adventure started...


About LUISA FERNE brand

Luisa Ferne is a mexican, high-end hat brand whose creativity and imagination roots from mexican folklore and tradition.

Our brand focuses mainly on handcrafted hats with the highest quality standards.

Luisa Ferne´s 4 representative confection materials are Beaver, Rabbit fur, Wool and Straw which are 100% sustainably sourced and collected.

We offer 2 options: Custom made or Pret-a-Porter.

 The custom made collection is our brand ´s best seller. Our made-to-measure hats are made from scratch. We design, shape, texturize, and color each hat so we make sure every piece is unique and fits perfectly to every customer and personality. Only 1 piece per design is made.

 The Pret-a-Porter collection consists of a variety of ready to wear collections and styles. These are designed, shaped, textured and colored from scratch each season by Luisa Ferne. Pret-a-Porter hats are made in the most common sizes, so we make sure we have a size for every customer. More than one piece can be made per design.

About our team:

Our team consists of a community of expert Mexican artisans that are part of our manufacturing team and through their art they support their families.

If you are interested in Luisa Ferne designing a custom hat for you, please contact: